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Presentations in Adobe (pdf) Format


Introduction       :     What is the Prophetic Message?  

Presentation 1   :     The 70-Year Prophecy of Daniel.  

Presentation 2   :     Ezekiel’s Prophecy and the year 1948.  

Presentation 3   :     This Generation will not pass?  

Presentation 4   :     The Jubilees.  

Presentation 6   :     The coming War between Islam and Europe.  

Presentation 9   :     The 7 Year Treaty.  


Presentation 8   :     When does the Great Tribulation start? 

Presentation 10 :     Prophetic Indicators.  

Presentation 11 :     The 7 Seals of Revelation.  

Conclusions      :     The 7 Prophetic Proofs.  


                              :     What happened to the 7 Year Treaty?